We want everyone to feel good on their wedding day

Polka Dot Wedding is striving to create a platform for ALL people interested in celebrating love including couples, wedding parties, industry professionals and creatives. We’re committed to building a publication and company that is equitable, diverse and inclusive across age, gender, ability, race, religion (or lack thereof), body size and shape, partner preference and identity.

We pledge to do this by:

  • Ensuring we are an equal opportunity employer.
  • Working hard to support the unique circumstances of each of our team, creating roles that are both accessible and supportive to their individual needs.
  • Actively ensuring, when hiring, that we seek out diversity, that our company is welcoming to all and that we look beyond our own internal biases.
  • Ensuring zero tolerance for discrimination in our workplace.
  • Creating accessible content.
    • This includes:
    • Creating a site that conforms to Web Accessibility Guidelines.
    • Ensuring our branding and language is inclusive.
    • Providing image descriptions and captioning our videos.
  • Seeking out content that is inclusive and diverse so that everyone can see themselves on our pages, rather than relying on the community to supply it. Our content will reflect the diverse nature of our audience and, in turn, we will ensure such content is easier for the community to find.
  • Conducting regular diversity and inclusivity audits to ensure our business abides by our own values.
  • Building systems and processes into our business to ensure we are accountable not only to you, but to each other, and ensuring none of this work falls by the wayside.
  • Unpacking our own biases and investing in the work of BIPOC, disabled and LGBTQ+ educators by way of supporting their work financially, undertaking their courses, paying them for their knowledge through consulting, reading their literature and elevating voices beyond our own at every opportunity.

We pledge to continually reassess, update and add to the above, to ensure that our commitment to inclusivity and diversity never takes a back seat, and is instead a focus in all that we do.

In 2020, to align with the above values, we changed our name from Polka Dot Bride to Polka Dot Wedding. You can read more about why here.

The Polka Dot Wedding team are honoured to conduct our work on the land of the BoonWurrung, WoiWorung, Eora and Kuring-gai people. We honour the traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders custodians of the land and pay our respects to Elders past and present.