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Image: Lauren Campbell / Designer: d’Italia

Image: Aleksandar Jason / Designer: d’Italia

Image: Clarisse Weddings / Designer: d’Italia

“Genuine couture dresses made with the world’s finest fabrics—created from scratch, to fit you perfectly—without the designer fee.” This is the D’Italia mantra and they live up to their high standards with stunning gowns made just for you by their team of  seamstresses, tailors and couturiers. With design and styling advice on anything and everything to do with your bridal look, the team can also create mother of the bride outfits, and provide the most luxurious of fabrics if you choose to sew your outfit yourself. With French laces and silks and beading from China and India you can be assured that your gown will be unique and just as you dreamed it would be.

We asked the D’Italia team five questions in five minutes:

Weddings are the best to work on because….

At d’Italia every bride we meet will never end up with the same dress as it is custom made and custom designed for the individual bride. We never know what type of bride we will help next so that makes our job exciting and creatively stimulating.

What is something people would be surprised to know about your job or something that challenges you?

Designing and custom making a dress for a bride does come with its challenges as we are creating and selecting fabrics and laces from scratch and it is not a finished product that the bride can see. There have been times when the type of fabric, lace or colour does not exist. Not only are we designing the dress and making it, but we have had to design laces and fabrics to be produced just for a specific criterion.

What is it about the creative process that you most enjoy?

What we most enjoy about the creative process is seeing the vision of each dress come to life in the end. From the moment the fabrics and colours are put together, to the calico mock up fitting to seeing the completed dress, each step is pure magic and such a joy seeing it be made.

What are you hilariously bad at?

Shuchi and Pala the senior Bridal Designers are hopeless with technology and prefer old fashioned methods with sketching or designing. However, our junior Designers Alyssa and Olivia are up to date with the digital world and tech savvy. So, as a team we all make up for our shortcomings and learn off each other.

When you were small what did you dream of being and where have those dreams taken you?

Pala– As a young girl I really had no idea what my dream profession would be, but I always knew what my element was and what made me feel more like myself was when I was doing something creative. Whether it was designing, drawing, painting, sewing etc. So, I am really not surprised I have ended up working at d’Italia for the last 6 years as a Bridal and Design Consultant.

Alyssa– When I was younger, I always loved being creative and I knew I’d do something fashion or design related. When I was 10 I fell in love with sketching wedding dresses (funny enough). I’d find scrap fabrics and sequins and hand sew mini gowns for my dolls. I loved the idea of being able to bring my designs and imagination to life so I’m really not surprised I’m now a bridal fashion designer. I get to do my favourite thing every day as my profession which is amazing!

Shuchi– I have always been imagining, creating, designing and shining my individuality since I was a young girl. My passion for fashion and high – quality craftsmanship led me to attend a top fashion design school overseas, where I learned the sophisticated art of designing dresses. With my creativity and passion continuing to grow, it led me to be the lead bridal designer / consultant at d’Italia for the last 10 years and my love for the job grows every day.


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Johnny & May

You know how much we love the stunning tones of autumn around these parts, but couple them with a proposal? And well, we have to admit we’re hooked. Today we’re sharing the proposal of Johnny and May, captured by Translucent Photography. This, it should be noted, was not the proposal the pair had dreamt of. But as with much of 2020, when best-laid plans are thrown out the window, new ones often become even more magic. And that’s exactly how this story unfolded.

As for how these two met, well it’s a little bit “he said she said” so let’s hand it over to May.

“We’d first met via mutual friends and we didn’t hit it off initially” share the pair. “For 1.5yrs we crossed paths a handful of times at gatherings and parties. The general “hello” and “how have you been?” was the extent of our interaction.
Until we both worked in North Sydney that a mutual friend connected us and we started to email each other and occasionally had lunch together.

According to him, the first date was lunch where he offered to pay for a bowl of fruit salad.
I thought…”The first date is lunch and it’s a fruit salad.. what a cheapskate… no, he is not paying for my fruit salad and call it a date”
He thought… “wow she declined my offer to pay.. she is a keeper”.

According to her, the first date was dinner at Jamie’s Italian – food was average but had a great night with him.
She thought.. “he’s pretty funny. I like him.”
He thought…”wow, pasta is like $25 each.. hmm what a rip… hope she doesn’t think I eat like this every day.”

So what’s the story behind this proposal? Well, May fills us in. “The initial proposal would have been in Cappadocia (Turkey) surrounded by fairy chimneys and cluster of rock formations with a beautiful backdrop of air balloons floating in the sky.

Unfortunately, the universe preferred that we get engaged under the equally stunning location of Milton Park in Bowral with one knee dropped on the ground and me standing dazzling under the famous Pine Oak Tree lit up with fairy lights.

He said something that he can’t remember and I  said “Yes”…. NO REGRETS!!!”

On what Johnny loves about May, he says “She is smart and driven with a compassionate spirit” and May on Johnny? “He is funny and great support in my life.”


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It’s Halloween evening and we’re in the mood for all things spooky. And we could not think of a better feature to share today, than this fresh take on the traditional Halloween colour palette of black and orange.

It was the brainchild of wedding styling & floral studio DUO Events Creative Studio who took their (immense, covetable) talent to bring this rarely seen, but utterly stunning concept to life.

Swan Valley venue Bailey Brewing Co took centre stage. The brand new (opening any time brand new), local loving, modern, family-owned brewery based on the concept of family coming together, of communal dining, gathering around a table and chatting beer, dogs and children running at your feet. It is this casual, relaxed warmth, that the DUO team juxtaposed with the modern, industrial styling for a stunning modern look.

Stylist Erica sharing “We created a balance by using dark materials like perforated metal, smoked glass and dark linen and teamed this with the softness of the florals and the white in the furniture. All the while nesting the design into the existing environment, so ultimately the design just looked like an extension of the venue’s architecture.”

Photographed by Ridhwaan Moolla the inspiration kicked off with black acrylic signage lettered with orange text, advising guests “The Party Starts Now” the invitation leading to a stunning ceremony set up, clad in orange and white blooms, before moving to the reception in an open-air pavilion. It is here where the magic truly happens, atop a wooden dance floor from Perth Dance Floors, Duo created a stunning scene. White chairs set along with a cement topped white table (from Heart Strings Hire + Style) topped with black Hire Society linens.

A black elevated centrepiece a beautiful statement for the orange and white continuation, taking the form of fresh floral pieces, black glassware, marble taper candles set underneath the glorious floral installation and hanging white wire chandeliers. The details – just beautiful. Nestle and Porter tying the look together with stunning gold and orange stationery pieces, and The Cake & I creating a tiered, terrazzo tile-inspired beauty of a wedding cake.

Our model, Rachel Mackin Brown (accompanied by Luke Whelan as our groom) wore a stunning white wedding gown by Jonte Designs, changing into a celebratory gold sequin jumpsuit as the sun began to set. Her hair and makeup – briefed to be fresh and casual, styled by  Rachael Forster Makeup Artistry and Emmanuelle Helena Hair Extensions. These two beautifully blended that sense of occasion that one needs for wedding day style, with the easy-going warmth this setting provided.

So as the minutes to Halloween count down, we’re not going to say this inspiration is utterly spooky, but it might just leave you utterly spellbound.


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This post features the following wedding vendors. If you've been featured below, we'd love to get to know you. Click here to join Polka Dot Bride.