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Image: Emma Wright via Tropical Wedding Brunch IdeasWe can all remember the day we first put on a treasured piece of jewellery; an engagement ring, a wedding band, a gift, and just how sparkly and new it looked. It glimmers in the sunshine, you can see you face in the polished finish, you get distracted […]

I guess the first thing you need to know is ethical jewellers don’t necessarily wear hemp trousers and have incense burning.  There’s this thing that happens when you mention the word ‘ethical’ – there is sometimes still a lingering assumption that somehow anything to do with ethical products is a bit, well, hippie…. crafty… new […]

Photo Credits: Zoe Pook JewelleryIs all the greenwashing getting you down? Are you tired of sifting through information to find a product’s actual ethical credentials? Or is there just too much smoke and mirrors to even bother trying to find out?We talk to ethical jeweller Zoe Pook of Zoe Pook Jewellery to get her straight […]