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In my last post, I talked to you guys about Chinese wedding traditions that we’ll be including in the wedding. In this post, I’ll talk about the “Western” wedding traditions that we’ll have for the wedding.Unlike the Chinese traditions, we’ll only have a few key “Western” traditions for our wedding. This post isn’t necessarily for […]

When my fiancé and I began planning this whole wedding thing, we suffered from what one would call “culture shock”. Urban Dictionary ( defines ‘culture shock’ as “The shock from one culture to another often associated with laws, traditions, food, music and general lifestyle choices”.In terms of why we suffered culture shock, it was all to do with […]

I mentioned in a previous post that GP and I took our photographers on a tour of the Christchurch city centre while they put up with us being all kissy-wissy and huggy-wuggy as they took pictures of our face.Well, I’m happy to report that only a mere 1 week later we got our pictures back and […]