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Image via Tahiti TourismeMany of us dream of a luxury honeymoon in an exotic location such as The Islands of Tahiti – and that doesn’t have to be out of reach. Although known for its luxe overwater bungalows, a Tahitian honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank.Here are a few tips for budget savvy lovers […]

Elodie Boursaus from Taapuna Puanaauia, on the west coast of Tahiti tells us about local favourites and where to soak up true Tahitian beauty…What’s your favourite place that only a local knows about? This would be fenua aihere (literally translated as ‘wild land’ or ‘bush land’), which is the part of the main island of […]

Saz and Kristy’s Tahiti Wedding in ParadisePostcard-perfect with bright blue oceans, turquoise lagoons, and pristine white sandy beaches, The Islands of Tahiti offer the most magical setting imaginable for your special day.WA couple Saz and Kristy spent the best day of their lives on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, just […]