Articles by Sarah Dickens

Image by Deep Grey Wedding PhotographyWeddings are a cause for celebration and to be a good, actually, great wedding guest, I share with you some simple rules. These rules will hopefully guide even the most seasoned wedding guest through the sea of confusion surrounding weddings in the 21st century.Rule Number One: Be Your Best You […]

Image by Sayher Heffernan via Raisin Red and Pink Quirky Country Wedding It’s no surprise that public speaking is the number one phobia that people suffer from in the world, and not to be morbid here, but to quote Jerry Seinfeld “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is […]

Image by AMB Photo via The Wedding ChicksFeathers, fur or scales, pets these days are members of the family. Crazy cat ladies, please stand up! Yep, I am standing right now! If you are anything like me, your pets play a very important role in your life. I could honestly not imagine my life without […]