Articles by Robyn Pattison CMC

Dear groomsmen,Wow!  You scrub up well! Guys always do look fantastic in a suit. I hope you feel as good as you look. But take those sunglasses off. Now. And take your hands out of your pockets. That’s better.No, we really don’t have time for a quick beer before the ceremony, so put it away. […]

Dear Bridesmaids,Your dresses are gorgeous. You look beautiful!  So put your heads up and smile, as you come down the aisle. We all want to see your faces…That’s it. That’s much better. Now the photographer can see your face. And so can we.Now slow down, don’t rush down the aisle. We aren’t in a hurry. No, […]

 Image by Milena Dekic Being a celebrant isn’t a glamorous job. It’s really, really hard work.I do know I’m at the bottom of the wedding food chain – at least until the Big Day itself comes along. Mine is one of the few jobs at a wedding that isn’t pretty. It isn’t tangible. I can’t […]