Articles by Cindy Man Hun

Image via Ralph LaurenMen’s formalwear in 2017 sees a blast from the past as well as ultra-contemporary themes; trends to look out for include double breasted jackets, draped pants, denim, slim fit suits and colour matching socks.Double breasted jackets – First introduced in the ‘30s, the double breasted jacket originally had six buttons, with three […]

Image by Anthea and Lyndon Film and Photography via Modern Canberra WeddingGrooms, scrub up well for your wedding (an unforgettable event – so you want to look your absolute best!) by taking into account our best grooming tips below!Manage your manes – It’s always good to freshen your hair and facial hair before your big day. Go […]

Image via Ralph LaurenHow did the preppy style come about? It originated from a subculture of upper class youths in northeastern America, fifty years or so ago. Most of the youths attended universities of the prestigious Ivy League, like Brown, Harvard and Yale, and their dress sense consisted of clean and classic tailored pieces with […]