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Over the years we have seen a shift in the choice of wedding venues and styling – it’s moved away from the classic elegance of a ballroom with red roses and candles, to a more unique setting in a rustic barn with flower-filled jars and bunting. The former had a focus on making a bold and beautiful statement, […]

Image by Vellum StudiosFriends of mine are engaged and are at the beginning stages of their wedding planning. The bride is ready to lock and load, but the groom, well, he is after ‘something different’ for their wedding. This doesn’t come as a surprise however, as a number of couples are searching for that point of difference… that thing that […]

In a time-poor age where friends and relatives find it increasingly difficult to come together, a wedding is one such event which brings everyone together on one special day to celebrate the union of two families.The organisation and success of this one-off special event is contingent upon the creative skills of a group of professionals, […]