Articles by Milton Gan Photography

It’s been a year since my monthly column on groom style kicked off, so as 2013 draws to a close it seems an appropriate time to take stock and look back to see if my musings and predictions still hold water or if I should resign them to my shoe box of mobile phone shoulder […]

The big day has arrived. You’re obviously excited, maybe a little nervous and perhaps just a tad hungover. With a few hours to go until “I do” how will you use your last moments as an unhitched man? You might want some quiet time to reflect and retrace how you arrived at this momentous occasion. […]

If there’s an aspect of wedding photography that is guaranteed to make any groom squirm it’s posing. And I totally sympathise. Even as an experienced photographer just hearing the word “pose” makes me itch.Here’s the truth: no one wants to be in front of a camera except models, and that’s because they’re paid to do […]