Articles by Jessica Derrick

Christmas baking, in my opinion, is the best kind of baking. I love turning on the Christmas carols, making a pot of tea and putting aside some time to enjoy the process. Gingerbread is a great option for two reasons: it is a simple recipe that is easy to multiply and the cookies keep well […]

Walking back down the aisle together, your first journey as husband and wife, is a moment that should not be lost. The tradition of throwing confetti began in Italy, where guests would throw grain, rice or flowers to bestow fertility and prosperity. Aside from these good wishes, the process of tossing confetti makes the moment […]

 Peanut Brittle is one of those treats that manages to capture the perfect mix of sweet and salty. The sort of treat that will have you finishing a bag without realising it.  And the best thing is that it is incredibly economical to produce en masse, and easy to create in large batches.  Which, when […]