Articles by Jane (emerald + ella)


Fancy a change from the usual kitchen tea with the ladies? More often than not, couples already have a kitchen full of stuff so why not try a bridal book tea instead?!Everyone brings a book for the couple – it could be a novel, cookbook, design book or whatever they are in to – and writes a […]


Gin is a fantastic tipple on its own, but when you add these complimentary botanicals, it’s lifted to another level.Try it out on your bridesmaids, mix it up into a signature cocktail or pop little gift-wrapped bottles on the tables for favours.What you need: – 750ml clean bottle or jar with a lid– Peeled rind of […]


These fun heart banners make great engagement party or wedding decorations. They look super pretty hanging from trees and bushes too.And of course, due to my lack of patience in the sewing room, the banner doesn’t require any sewing! It’s all just iron and glue work! So easy, even the most amateur crafter can have […]