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Everyone knows the Bridesmaid’s job is to walk down the aisle first, pretend she loves her outfit and to make sure the Bride’s dress is correctly fluffed. But there is actually a lot more to being a bridesmaid – especially if you truly are her best friend and want her to have the best day […]

Rachael from Inlighten Photography joins us today with her inspiring collection of night wedding photography.Ms Gingham says: The romance of a wedding together with the romance of the night. I love this collection of Top Ten Night Shots from Rachael at Inlighten Photography.

As co-owner of Inlighten Photography with my husband Dean Bentick, I get to chat with brides all the time about the planning of their day. From who will be designing their dress, to the reception location, to all the small details of the day. For our photographers to get a thorough coverage of everything, allow enough […]