Image: Shevan J Photography / Designer: d’ItaliaDear bride-to-be,Whether you’re on the hunt for a ready-made gown or you’re considering the custom-made process, it’s always important to go in with an open mind. Have you ever had one idea in your mind that you just couldn’t let go and when you struggled to find that exact […]

Photographer: Ashley Marie Myers / Designer: d’Italia From short hemlines to funky patterns and bold colours, the cocktail attire is arguably one of the most commonly chosen dress codes for weddings. But what exactly does “cocktail wear” mean? Generally, a cocktail dress is the perfect balance of formal and casual (aka semi-formal). It can be anything […]

Image: d’ItaliaWhether you’re on the hunt for cake and décor ideas, wedding venues, floral bouquet designs or you’re trying to find your dream gown, there’s no denying how important research is for every step of the planning process. Research is an extremely useful step to ensure you’re all prepared and ready to begin with bridal […]