Articles by Amy Chan Hair and Makeup Artistry

Image by We Are Origami / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair ArtistryHere at Polka Dot Bride, we like to get to the heart of our wedding vendors on our directory. They are on the front line of the wedding industry, they’re creative, and fawn over weddings and love just as much as myself and […]

Image by We Are Origami / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair ArtistryOver the past five years in the beauty/hair and makeup industry there has been quite a few changes! First of all the ever so changing social media platform has grew from connecting with friends to connecting customers to businesses. I’ve never been a […]

“I absolutely love rustic charm, soft beautiful colours similar to what you find in a secret garden. I’m also a huge fan of gorgeous colours as I think it brightens the whole atmosphere instantly. I think introducing ‘happy colors’ to a wedding can really make the place look amazing, and also it shows up a lot nicer in photos. Colors […]