Articles by Lovereel Films

There’s a sense of certainty in the air, and these two radiate serenity. Sure of starting their new chapter and wrapped in the arms of each other — Emma and James celebrated their big day before the eyes of their friends and family, and in front of the most beautiful backdrop at Seclusions in the […]

Two that make love look so good. Dressed in a thousand sparkles, and smiling from ear to ear, Courtney and Darren decided on forever.The couple celebrated in sophisticated style at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Sydney, surrounded by family, friends, and the promise to always cherish each other. Bright with happiness and radiating love, the room […]

Amber-lee had her eye on Jack the minute she scrolled through his Instagram profile. One night out at the pub where Jack worked, she gave him a cheeky double-tap — on the bum (not on the ‘gram) and made the first move on what is now a forever promise.A walk down the aisle, a walk […]