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Image via Paperless Wedding Instagram. Wondering about the etiquette of digital wedding invitations? We come across lots of engaged couples who would like to save money (and paper!) by sending out digital wedding invitations. In this day and age, it’s quite common to have a wedding website that hosts all of the details for the big […]

At Paperless Wedding, as we are passionate about not only saving a tree but also helping you reduce your carbon footprint, we wanted to share some top tips on how to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly. From the moment you send your wedding invitations, you can make choices to make your wedding day eco-friendly. […]

 Image by Merge Photography via Kate and Anthony’s Quirky Garden WeddingWhen I write a blog post I quite often get writers block. What to write and how to phrase it, being the most common issues. This is no different to what many of you are facing when writing your invitations. I have done lots of research […]