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Make no mistake, the bridal veil is back. The humble veil whether classic, modern, over the face, embellished or plain “showstopper” should be the finishing look to your bridal look.It is very important that your accessories match the quality of your gown. You want them to complement and honour each other rather than one sticking […]


Real bride Barbra in our ‘Maggie’ Bertossi Brides gown – White Pearl photographyThe perfect veil for the modern bride is certainly a difficult decision. There are a multitude of options and styles to choose from and knowing what best suits vs. what is on trend is a fine line. Lengthy, flowing and decorated veils have […]

It is important to be yourself on your wedding day. Just because a gown suits you doesn’t mean you should wear it if it makes you feel uncomfortable, however good it looks! I always say to our brides that you want to look like a slightly more glamorous version of ‘YOU’ as you walk down […]