Articles by Amanda Thorson of Thorson Photography

When you attend weddings nearly every weekend you inevitably learn a few tricks. These aren’t huge secrets, but hopefully these tips will help make your wedding day just a little bit easier and a tad more relaxed. So here are my secrets to a perfect wedding:1. Dirty Dress – One unfortunate fact of weddings is […]

I’m a wedding photographer, but this doesn’t mean I’m the right wedding photographer for you.Choosing the right wedding photographer can be overwhelming because there are so many of us to choose from. Wedding images these days can be crazy, quirky, formal, romantic, serious… the question is “what style do you want?” Unfortunately I can’t answer […]

Photo by Bernadette CordingI only met Bernadette for the first time a couple of weeks ago, she was doing the bride’s makeup at a wedding I was shooting. She impressed me so much, firstly because she looked great! I think this is really important because it gives a bride confidence… they’ll think “oh she looks […]