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Image by Infinity Photography1. What is your favourite Christmas food?Roast Pork with the crackling!2. What is your favourite Christmas movie?Definitely would have to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I love it when the Christmas tree catches fire and they get a new one, with squirrel! Too funny! There are so many funny things about that […]

Mel from Infinity Photography has been to her fair share of weddings, albeit whilst working! So who better than to give us her top ten picks of wedding venues? Today’s post is about what Sydney has to offer.All images from Infinity Photography About Infinity Photography: Infinity photography is guided by a passion for beautiful photography, […]

 Image by Infinity Photography1. Is this your full and complete price list (including GST)? Are there any additions or hidden extras to these packages that I should know about? E.g. travel costs, additional page rates, minimum requirements etc..2. Do I have the option of having a CD of low resolution or high-resolution images? What are […]