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If this crazy year has made me realise one thing about weddings, it’s how important the celebrant is! Because really, besides your partner, they are all you need when it comes to saying ‘I do’. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a celebrant you like, and one who makes you feel comfortable and confident when […]

Image: Caroline Sada PhotographyGetting married is not something you do everyday.Whether you have a cast of thousands there, or are planning an intentional elopement, it’s one of the most personal and intimate milestones of your life. Because of this, it is so very important that you feel comfortable with the person doing the marrying.Every marriage […]

Photo via Floral Donut Wedding Snacks DIY tutorialWow , what a week! From the tightest of restrictions to being able to sit in a cafe again. It has certainly been a little upside down for us all, but that seems to be the theme of the year does it not?It is with a fond farewell […]

It wouldn’t be The Vintage Issue without an Art Deco delight! Laura and Jesse, who met 10 years ago, tied the knot in an old school cinema as a nod to their love of the 1920s and 1930s. And what could make their unique ceremony even more heartwarming? Perhaps having your sister as your celebrant! […]

COVID-19 crashed in and postponed your big wedding plans? A public park or garden could be the perfect ceremony location for you. Here you can have an intimate wedding, with enough space for everyone to socially distance, in a beautiful setting, with a pretty affordable price tag. Not to mention, glorious mother nature turns on […]