Berries dipped in chocolate are always a winner, but have you tried wrapping them in fairy floss? Adding a delicate whirl of sugar to an already scrumptious snack is a sweet tooth’s dream! We’ve kept ours black and white, but you can grab all sorts of colours of fairy floss or use white chocolate to create a feast for the eyes and taste buds!

What You Will Need

– Fresh, firm berries

– Dark (at least 70%) chocolate

– Short skewers

– Persian fairy floss

Step One

As much as is possible, make sure your berries are clean, dry, and at room temperature. Place each berry on a skewer, or make long skewers filled with berries for an extra delicious treat. Melt the chocolate very, very slowly in the microwave. Once the chocolate has melted around halfway, take it out of the microwave and keep mixing, to melt the chocolate well and avoid burning it.

Step Two

Gather some spare glassware to hold the berries. Dip each berry into the chocolate, and let some drain away. Working quickly, place the chocolate dipped berry upside down into a glass, and cover it with fairy floss. Persian fairy floss is incredibly delicate, so this is best done immediately before serving, as it will begin to ‘melt’ with moisture. Alternatively, dip the berries in chocolate and let set (this can then be done ahead of time). When it’s time to serve the berries, use a warm knife pressed against some of the chocolate to melt it slightly, before sticking the fairy floss on.

A super easy and super delicious way to fancy up the all time favourite – chocolate dipped berries – fairy floss not only adds a sweet taste, but looks beautiful too!