If you’re planning a home celebration and want to put on a sweet feast for your guests, try a scone bar! These loaded chocolate-loaded scones are simple to make either for your guests or to set up as a cute ‘help yourself’ station. Keep it classic with jam and cream, or go nuts (see what we did there?) with chocolate, biscuits, nuts, and more!

What You Will Need:

– Scones! As fresh as can be. You can find simple scone recipes online, and can even add in choc chips or cocoa to the recipe for extra chocolate power.

– Loads of fresh whipped cream!

– Your choice of toppings. We’ve gone with chocolate loaded scones, so have choc chips, chocolate peanuts, twirl bars, chocolate digestive biscuits, and mini m&m’s. Let your imagination run wild! Add chocolate sauce, your favourite choccie bar, or keep it classic with mountains of fresh strawberries and lashings of cream.

– Scone bar set up – if you’d like to set up a ‘scone station’ begin gathering sweet bowls, trays, and signs.

– Individual tubs – if you’re going to preload the scones, source some lovely containers that will fit the scone, plus toppings.

Step 1

To create a smorgasbord of chocolatey toppings, we’re going to start by making a biscuit crumb. This sounds superbly fancy but is simply crushed digestive biscuits. Pop 4-5 in a bowl, and gently smash with the end of a rolling pin until the crumbs are fine. Set aside to use as a topping.

Step 2

Once your scones have cooled down, slice them evenly in half. To create scones as symmetrical as possible, it’s a good idea to use a cutter (or upturned glass). Gather all your chosen toppings together. If you’re preloading the scones for guests, leave this until just before the event.

Step 3

Be as precise or haphazard as you please! Add a lovely big dollop of whipped cream, followed by the larger toppings, sprinkled over with the biscuit crumb last. Vary the toppings, or keep them all exactly the same – it’s up to you! These scrummy scones are the perfect addition to an afternoon tea or picnic wedding and can be tailored to match your theme or colours.

If you’d like to set up an epic chocolate-themed scone bar, scour the shops (or your friends’ kitchens) for unique serving trays, bowls, and serving ware, and print out some sweet signs. Add in a stack of napkins, cutlery if needed, and you’ll have some very happy guests in no time!