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Tiffany & David

Tiffany and David chose a beautiful feeling for their relaxed Brisbane wedding day. It was simple, it was sweet, but most of all it was true to their spirits. Tiffany crafted her own dress (and her bridesmaid’s gowns) herself and they celebrated with their guests over amazing food and wine. They worked with photographer Graham Murray Photography and planner  white + white weddings & events to pull together their day.

Tiffany and David share the story on how they met. “We used to catch the same train to school every morning, by chance. We slowly began to awkwardly talk to each other on a daily basis. That was exactly ten years ago, and we’ve been together ever since.”

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Tiffany made her wedding dress herself (and her bridesmaid’s dresses!), telling, “I actually made it myself out of ten metres of ivory silk dupion and six months of hard labour. It’s a simple sleeveless dress with a princess seamed bodice and a-line skirt with a 1.5m train. I make clothes for a hobby but said I would never be insane enough to make my own wedding dress. Then I started to shop for the style of dress I wanted (a really simple dress!) and I had trouble finding the style I wanted locally and I felt the ones I did find were too expensive. So I eventually decided to make it myself.”

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Of her walk down the aisle, Tiffany remembers, “We purchased the sheet music for a modern rearrangement of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. It was graciously played by the groom’s sister on the piano.”

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The couple chose Brisbane Grammar School – The Great Hall for their ceremony, noting, “We chose the hall to honour that we met during high school.”

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Lorraine Wright officiated the ceremony, Tiffany remarks, “We wanted the ceremony to be very personalised, but also short and sweet. We had several readings, taken from books and poems we both love. These included quotes from Haruki Murakami’s ‘Kafka On the Shore’, Markus Zusak’s ‘The Messenger’, David Guterson’s ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’, and Nick Harkaway’s ‘The Gone Away World’.”

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Of their photographer, Tiffany remarks, “Graham was really incredible, friendly and, most importantly, accommodating. He made sure the day was about us and always ran on our schedule. We also opted to hire Graham’s sidekick Andre, who was equally amazing. We cannot recommend Graham enough as a photographer – he was there when you needed him, but the rest of the time, he was mingling in the background, taking fantastic candid photos.”

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Tiffany and David chose The Queensland Museum – Collector’s Cafe for their reception celebrations choosing a woodland vibe.

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white + wedding weddings & events assisted Tiffany and David in planning their day, Tiffany explaining, “I have to admit my favourite part of wedding planning was not needing to do any of it at all. I’m not a real weddings sort of person so when I sat down and tried to plan it I became really overwhelmed. Even though getting a planner was a bit pricey, I didn’t regret it at all because I never had to deal with any of the logistics, and I was able to just show up and enjoy the day. All that I had to do was tell them my vision of what I wanted the wedding to look like, then they saw it through. Not only that, every time a guest or supplier threw a curve ball, they would take it in stride and sort out a solution.” In lieu of a wedding cake, a tower of red and blue macarons was created by Passion Tree Velvet. The groom’s mother created the guest favors.

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“Our wedding was casual, cozy, and a little big magical. We really just wanted it to be a reflection of who we were as a couple.”

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“I find a lot of brides forget it’s a day for two people, so I made sure it was definitely a collaborative effort from both of us. Other than that, every step of the planning was made to ensure that our friends and family would be enjoying themselves too. It’s impossible to have a good day if the people you love aren’t enjoying themselves either.”

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Of their first dance, Tiffany remembers, “We were not going to have a first dance at all, but on the day we were kind of forced into it! We ended up dancing awkwardly to ‘I Would Do Anything For You’ by Foster the People.”

Congratulations on your marriage Tiffany and David! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thank you also to Graham Murray Photography and white + wedding weddings & events for sharing today’s celebration.