Shannon & Peter

Good morning Wednesday! Do you remember that supremely cool competition Feather + Stone Photography ran last year for a wildly creative engagement shoot?

Does this ring a bell?

“He is Pete. She is Shan. Together we are Pete and Shan.

Shan noticed him across the bar one night at a work function at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney. She made her way round to just ‘casually’ strike up a conversation….. and here is where the story path diverges. According to her, she ensnared him with her witty charm and eyelash-fluttering ways. According to him, he picked her up with his entertaining stories and charming ways.

“Ignoring the conjecture surrounding the relationship’s beginning, we quite quickly became enamored with each other. She had just begun a job as a tour guide, traveling all over Oz, and poor little Petey played the part of War Wife and had to sit at home, waiting for his Missus to return from gallivanting. *Insert mushy, romanticy stuff here…*

The relationship withstood the tyranny of distance and one winter night in Japan, Pete popped the question. She said yes and they intend to live happily ever after (with Oscar the terrier mutt and Frankie, the craziest cat in the world).


There shall be no mushy, cheesy “gazing-longingly-into-each-others’-eyes” photos in our engagement shoot. We have banned photos that involve us both looking in the same direction into the distance/toward the future. We want our engagement shoot to be quirky, goofy, unconventional and romantic. Kinda like the romantic but unconventional love story that unfolds in the movie, Juno.

Using Juno as our inspiration, we want our shoot to be set to a song from the movie. (Movie inspiration seems quite apt given that our first date was to the Drive-In. So very Grease-like.) Our shoot would capture us, in our general goofballiness, acting out the lyrics from this song…..

This shoot will involve props. Many props. Once the shots are developed we want to create a montage set to the song. Ok, so that is just a fancypants way of saying we want to create a slideshow with our shots portraying the lyrics.

I am not sure I have quite sold you on how exceptionally cool this idea could be, so please see attached my very unexceptional sketches which could help get the idea across…..

Well we are finally able to share the finished product on Polka Dot Bride! Feather + Stone say “After our competition we semi-officially met the lovely Shan + Pete on Skype and had a face to face (pyjama) clad catch up.

They told us about themselves as a couple, how they met, how they got engaged and we chatted about their concept. Over the next few weeks they sent us photos updating us with their photos shoot “finds”, an old television they found on the side of the road (score), a few old chairs, their beloved framed painting of Mt Fuji (where Pete proposed) and other various bits and bobs.  After flights and hotels were booked we flew down to sunny Sydney and were greeted in our hotel with 2 lovely bottles of wine and a sweet card.

The following day we finally met the lovely pair in the flesh and caught up over a cup of coffee.  Rearing to go we jumped in their cars, (trampoline firmly attached to the roof of one) and we set off to Centennial Park.  We then unloaded the “living room” which they’d put together and it went from there ”