Are you loving today’s celebration? I was so overjoyed to read Suzie’s email with her words, it’s obvious she had the best day of her life (and I have to say if I had her wedding I’d be pretty thrilled too!)

As I hate to use the “perfect” around weddings, I thought I’d let you in on some of the little stumbles Suzie and Rey had with their wedding plans, to show it doesn’t really matter!

Suzie says “I can say that no matter how much planning you do, there are just some unforeseen things that happen! My major drama was 6 weeks before the wedding when my dressmaker canceled on me! She was doing my dress and bridesmaids dresses so I had 6 weeks to find me a dress or dressmaker quick smart and 2 bridesmaids dresses. It wasn’t easy – I wanted to stick to my budget, but at the same time wanted a dress that was ‘me’ . I actually came across Tea Rose Couture on Polka Dot Bride and it was the best decision. We chose fabric, designed and had my dress ready to go in time for the big day! The bridesmaids dresses I picked up for a bargain at the Rocks Markets in Sydney.

I also broke my toe 4 weeks before the wedding!! I think the adrenalin took over on the day and it was almost fine!”






Suzie says “I didn’t stress over things that didn’t matter – the bridal party could wear whatever shoes they wanted and the bridesmaids had their hair and makeup anyway they chose. I didn’t worry about colours matching, I just wanted everyone to have a good time!”




The reception was filled with personal touches from Suzie and Rey. Rey had the centrepieces and cake stand cut from tree logs while Suzie decorated the reception (held in the Barrel Room at Margan Estate) decorated with flowers grouped in bell jars. Each table was numbered with the couple’s dog Honey holding a number and guests took Polaroids and stuck them into a book to act as the couple’s guest book.



The couples favourite treats were setup on a buffet with signs mentioning why the treat was special. Each guest received a jar of honey and the beautiful three tier cake (made by Bec’s Cake Creations) was topped with a bluebird cake topper from Etsy seller Middleburg.



Suzie says “It wasn’t staged – everything was just about us. It sounds cliché, but it truly made our day special!”




Suzie says “We danced – A LOT! We even played some dance music and had the lights going – I kicked off my shoes and had a hand at DJ-ing! It was fun!”



Suzie’s parting words to us? “I married the man of my dreams and we were just so happy – I remember just smiling all day. I thought I would cry walking down the aisle and at everything, but we were just so happy all day – I didn’t get a chance to cry!” A day full of joy has been topped off with Suzie and Rey expecting their first baby in three months!

Thank you to Suzie and Rey for allowing us to share your gorgeous wedding day on Polka Dot Bride! Congratulations on your marriage and good luck for your impending arrival! Thank you also to Saxon Cole Photography for allowing us to share today’s photographs!

Photos by Saxon Cole Photography.