This is the place where the people who make wedding magic happen have a voice on Polka Dot Bride. Polka Dot Wisdom is not about a sales pitch, it’s about learning, educating and sharing. It’s the perfect place for you to begin establishing yourself as an industry “expert” which is the basis of any great marketing!

When writing posts to establish yourself as an expert in your field here are some points to remember:

1. Our readers want to be inspired so we need to offer them something that is visually appealing.

2. They need to trust us as a reliable and objective source of information which is why we ask that the posts are not sales pitches (no one trusts a salesperson).

3. We need to offer valuable information in an easy to understand and fun format.

4. Offering real life examples of where the concept that you’re talking about worked is a bonus.

What will be required of me?

Once you have filled out the application form, Ms Tweed will send you an email telling you that you are now a contributor (writer) to Polka Dot Wisdom. She will also send you information regarding the technical side of using the Polka Dot Bride contributor intranet in which you will be required to write and submit your posts for review.

Important: Please ask your photographer to provide you with web ready images that are a maximum of 1200 pixels at the widest side. Our system cannot accept files over 1MB.

I’m not the best at writing. Will someone check my post before it is published?

Yes! Once you have written your post and submitted it for review, it goes to Ms Tweed who will edit it, correct any spelling mistakes and help with the formatting of all the images.

What can I write about?

You can choose a topic of interest that is related to your field of expertise. For example, a wedding photographer may talk about their favourite engagement shoot concepts and a wedding planner may talk about commonly made mistakes when planning your wedding (things to avoid).

Can I share fun things too?

Yes! Sharing fun things that have happened in your business will humanize you and give readers something to relate to. You could share a holiday that you went on, a conference or expo you attended, a workshop you ran or even your own wedding!!

Can I write more than one post?

Of course! We welcome as many posts as you’re willing to write! The more frequently you appear on the blog, the more people will become familiar with you.

Will Polka Dot Bride help promote my posts?

Yes! When we publish a post, we also send out tweets to all our followers, publish select posts to our Instagram account and post updates on the Polka Dot Wisdom Facebook page. This is a fabulous opportunity for you to share the link to your post with all your fans, who will, in turn, share it with their friends! It’s that power of social media that everyone seems to be banging on about!

Ready to submit a guest post? Fill out the form below and our lovely splendid specialty blog editor Ms Tweed will be in touch with further instructions!

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