I’m excited to share with you another DIY project from our wedding!

I had bought jewellery and headbands for my bridesmaids and wanted a nice way to present their gifts the night before the wedding. I decided to make some jewellery boxes so that the wrapping was actually part of the gift. Remember how I lined the invitation envelopes with vintage book pages? Well I had some left over and thought I’d incorporate that to carry through the theme.

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial

You will need:

  • Wooden jewellery box (available from craft stores)
  • Adhesive-backed felt
  • Old book pages
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Mod podge
  • Scissors
  • Small screwdriver
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler
  • Scalpel

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial1

1. Take a photo of your maid’s profile. Make it into a silhouette and print in the mirror image to how you want the final product.

2. Glue the silhouette onto the back of the book page.

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial2

3&4. Cut out the silhouette.

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial3

5. Unscrew the hinges of the box.

6. Paint the box and allow to dry. Attach the cameo to the box lid with Mod Podge and cover with as many coats as desired (more coats will produce a glossier effect).

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial4

7. Measure the dimensions of the inside of the box.

8. Cut felt to size.

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial5

9. Stick felt to the inside bottom of the box.

10. Continue until all sides are lined.

11. If the hinge holes have been filled with paint or varnish, use a skewer or toothpick to unblock.

12. Replace the hinges.

Atypical Type A - jewellery box tutorial final

And there they are! Three pretty boxes for my three pretty ladies.

Ms Polka Dot says: Another simple crafty project from the very talented Alicia from Akimbo. See some of her other projects here and here You can really start to see how her own wedding came together. See her wedding stationery business Akimbo here and her blog here.

Alicia says: Hi, my name is Alicia and I am a paper addict.

I love designing quirky invitations through my business Akimbo. I’m also the Atypical Type A, my blog where I share projects and inspiration for home, parties and weddings.
My favourite cocktail? A Japanese Slipper!

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cake buffet

Who’s up for some delicious DIY? I recently helped throw a ‘let them eat cake’ surprise birthday party, but the theme would work just as well for a wedding, engagement party or bridal shower. I made the cake stands, garland and food labels as well as most of the food. Let’s see how:


cake buffet

You will need:
Second-hand plates
Second-hand candlesticks
Spray paint


Atypical Type A - cake stand tutorial1

1. Clean the plates and candlesticks thoroughly. Work out which bases suit which plate.

2. Fill the opening of the candlestick with putty and allow to dry completely (if it is a large hole like the one pictured, for best results fill in stages and allow to dry between each stage). This will give you a nice flat surface for the glue to adhere to.

Atypical Type A - cake stand tutorial2

3. Turn the plate upside down and glue on the base. Allow to dry.

4. Apply two coats of spray paint. Instead of laying down newspaper, I recommend using a cardboard box for a more effective way of containing overspray.

I was unsure whether the spray paint was food safe, so I erred on the side of caution and made sure there were doilies or cupcake liners between the plate and food. It was an easy project that really tied together the colours of the cake buffet. The best part is that you can simply re-spray if you want a different colour for your next occasion.


cake buffet

This garland could not be simpler. Just take a length of satin ribbon in a coordinating colour to your tablecloth and attached folded paper doilies with double-sided tape.



I made cupcake decorations using silicone molds in various shapes; I love how the fleur de lys and crowns fit in with the Marie Antoinette theme. Simply press fondant into the mold and pop out once set.

edible lace biscuits

edible lace doily in teacup

I discovered this product called edible lace, which is a great news for anyone like me who struggles with piping icing. Plus you can drop one into a cup of tea or coffee to make it extra special.


cake buffet labels

I designed some cute scalloped labels to match the invitations, which I’ve made available as a free download for you.

cake buffet label vanilla wafers Atypical Type A - cake stand tutorial

cake buffet labels coconut macaroons

1. Download the font and PDF template.
2. Type in the names of your sweet treats.
3. Print on thick, textured cardstock (I used 300gsm watercolour paper).
4. Punch out circles using a craft punch (I used Friskars 2″ / 5cm scalloped circle punch).
5. Attach to ribbon using double-sided tape, or insert into holder.

You could also use them as gift tags (punch a small hole and thread through string or ribbon) or favour labels (print onto adhesive paper instead of cardstock).
I have done a couple of sweets tables (the first was for my engagement party) and they’ve been such a hit! You can find more info on the invitations and loads more photos over on my blog.

Ms Polka Dot says: Three simple and achievable projects all in one post today from Alicia from Akimbo . Half the fun will be searching for the plates and candlesticks to use – the other half will be putting all the elements together and making something that is uniquely yours!  Thank you Alicia for allowing us to dream, and plan our own stylish cake buffet!

Hi, my name is Alicia and I am a paper addict.
I love designing quirky invitations through my business Akimbo. I’m also the Atypical Type A, my blog where I share projects and inspiration for home, parties and weddings.

I thought it was time for another DIY roundup! There are so many fantastic DIY projects around that while we’re getting ready with ours, I thought I’d show off a few of my latest favourites!

1. Love these sparkling apple cider downloadable freebies from 100 Layer Cake– icey cold, this would make the perfect treat for summer weddings!

2. Pretty soft and breezy paper pattern flowers from The Inspired Bride

3. Coloured balls of yarn goodness from Project Wedding by The City Cradle

4. Spring time sweetness! Fabric covered aisle vases from Once Wed