This is a DIY sewing project to make a tea bag wallet, a perfect gift for a Kitchen Tea present.


Piece of fabric for the exterior, 21cm x 30cm
Piece of fabric for the interior, 21cm x 30cm Fusible interfacing, 21cm x 30cm (optional)
Fancy button or fabric covered button
22cm Ribbon or Lace trimming
Small press stud
Sewing Machine


Step 1: If using, iron interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric you are using for the exterior of the wallet.

Step 2: Pin right sides of interior and exterior fabrics together. Use your sewing machine to join with a 1cm seam allowance around both long edges and one short edge leaving an open pocket.

Step 3: Turn the pocket inside out, and iron flat, folding the open edges in and pressing closed.

Step 4: With the interior fabric facing you, fold the bottom of the rectangle up 7cm and press flat. Pin in this position and tuck your ribbon into the open seam at the new halfway point.

Step 5: Using your sewing machine, top-stitch around the outside edge of the rectangle leaving a 0.5cm gap from the edge. Close the pocket up, securing the folded flap and the ribbon at the same time.

Step 6: To create a tri fold that closes neatly, measure, fold and press your wallet into three sections. The section on the very right should be a little smaller than the middle and left sections to ensure the wallet closes nicely. Once pressed, use your machine to stitch on the folds starting and finishing on the inside edge of the top stitching from step 5.

Step 7: Turn the wallet over and sew on by hand one half of your press stud to the front middle edge of the wallet.

Step 8: Make sure the ribbon is the correct length to reach the press stud when wrapped around the closed wallet, trim if necessary. Sew button onto the end of the ribbon on the “front side” and the other half of the press stud onto the underside.


Step 9: Fill with the bride’s favourite teas and give as a special gift on her kitchen tea.

Images by Dandi

Ms Gingham says: This is such a cute idea. Use your imagination and you can customize it to suit any taste if your bride is not a tea drinker. How about filling the pockets with perfume sample bottles or soaps and lotions to name a few?

DANDI is a Sydney based design house specialising in the design of modern Australian fabric and tableware. The Dandi team is a group of trained industrial designers with a passion for beautiful and functional objects. Our aim is to share this passion through the creation of a range of modern and unique everyday products.

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Catering by The Farm Cafe Made mid banner

photo booth Ryan & Alicia

Wedding trends come and go, but I still can’t get enough of photo booths. Here’s how I created a fun one for my brother’s engagement party.

frames materials

Buy some daggy framed pictures from your local op shop (look for ones with a nice moulded shape).

frames after

Remove the canvases. Lay frame in a cardboard box or on top of newspaper and spray on a couple of coats of your chosen colour.

photo booth setup

For the backdrop we bought some inexpensive fabric (polka dots, naturally). I used a backdrop frame (hired from Mary & Gabrielle Events in Adelaide) but you may have a suitable structure such as a wall or pergola to attach it to. Place a camera onto a tripod, attach a remote and have someone stand in front of it so you can get the height and framing right, then you’re all set!

You’re sure to get some really great shots of your friends and family.

Photography by Alicia Parsons (The Atypical Type A)

Ms Gingham says: Truly a simple process! With a little imagination you can use this concept for all sorts of events … I’m thinking kid’s (big and small) birthday parties for a start!

I am Alicia Parsons, the Atypical Type A. I live in Adelaide, South Australia in a modest townhouse with my new hubby Ryan (aka The Man). I am the owner and graphic designer behind Akimbo, which specialises in quirky invitations, announcements and greetings.

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Oh gosh, I’ve been dying to get some beautiful DIY projects onto this blog myself ever since we came  up with the idea for Polka Dot Made and every single week I am floored by the amazing projects of our contributors! Today though, you get plain old me – Ms Polka Dot with a tutorial I did last year for Brides. Buttons have long been a favourite of mine and for weddings they’re simple and sweet and can carry the romantic theme of the day (the whole sense of a button and the buttonhole working so perfectly is kind of a romantic notion).

My mission with Polka Dot Made was to give you projects, ideas and inspiration available in Australia (because as much as I drool over Paper Source and JoAnn’s, the products are simply not available here!) This was a pretty quick and easy project, plus it was fun! All the supplies were bought from Spotlight, which, when you find a good one can be a crafter’s heaven!

What you’ll need:

For The Box

– Assorted buttons in the colours of your choice. (I chose black and white but you can choose whatever you wish. Spotlight sells big bags of mixed coloured buttons in all different assortments).

– Flat, pre folded boxes. (I also bought these already made up as I figured making 100 of these out of plain card for your guests might turn your hair grey. These come in packs of 10 and you just fold them up and push the tabs together, too easy!)

– Ribbon in your colour choice

– Tissue paper in your colour choice

– Double sided tape (you could also use a hot glue gun)

– A bone folder (mine is my trusty Martha Stewart bone folder, but you could also use a metal ruler)

For The Cookies

– Basic ingredients for butter cookies

– White (pre-packaged) fondant

– Long strands of black liquorice

– Rolling pin

– Skewer

– Round cookie cutter

1. Start by folding together your pre made favor box (I use my bone folder or a ruler to make sure the folds are really crisp and tight) and placing your buttons on the lid. It takes a little fiddling to get different sizes to work well so have a bit of a play to see what you like the best before gluing anything down.

2. Cut enough of your ribbon so you can bring it up the sides of the box and tie it in a bow. Using your first piece as a guide, cut the ribbon for all of your boxes.

3.Place a spot of glue in the centre bottom of your box and stick the middle of your length of ribbon down. Glue or attach with double sided tape your buttons to the top of the lid.

4. Glue your buttons to each lid using double sided tape or a hot glue gun

5. Cut a small square of paper to fit inside each box (this will prevent any grease stains from the cookies appearing on your gift box and gives them a little cushion to help prevent breakage)

6. Make your cookies! These keep for a few days and taste really yummy. I used a simple biscuit dough recipe from Taste. Make sure the cutter you use will allow the cookies to fit inside your boxes!

7. Get out your sweet goodies. I used simple white fondant and bought long rolls of black liquorice for our black and white colour theme. But you could dye your fondant, add silver cachous and really do whatever you want, to make your button cookies your own.

8. Knead your fondant as per the instructions to soften it. Using icing sugar on your workspace to dust it, roll your fondant so it’s about one eighth of an inch thick. Cut the circles for your “buttons” using the same cutter you used for your cookies.

9. Decorate your rounds. I used a smaller circle (a spice jar lid if I’m honest) to make a “button” indent and used skewers to make the button holes (I alternated between two hole and four hole buttons)

I cut long strands of liquorice to create “laces” and thread them through the holes. Each button I made was different, so don’t feel limited to the one design.

10. Attach your fondant buttons to the cookies with a smear of icing sugar mixed with water or jam (jelly) of your choice. Put a little dab of the mixture on your cookie and attach the fondant button. Leave to set.

11. Place your cookie into the box and tie the ribbon into a bow. You could also attach a tag at this step so the favors double as place cards.

Personalising this project:

– Choose buttons that match your wedding colours.

– Colour the fondant to your colour scheme

– Add extra decorations like silver cachous, sugar flowers and even iced designs to personalise each button.

– Decorate with different indentations – for a vintage style wedding, roll lace into the fondant and remove. For a modern wedding consider stripey buttons or a monogram.

– Add tags to match your stationery with your own little message. Consider adding the guest’s name as a place card.