If you’re planning a beach destination wedding, the one color to keep in mind for your decor is white, which creates not just an air of luxury and celebrity wedding style, but lets the natural colors of your wedding setting stand out as a beautiful background… the crystal blue sea and perfect blue sky in daytime, the vibrant hues of tropical flowers in trees on and around the beach, the beautiful sails of boats gliding by. White curtains flutter in the ocean breeze, adding an ethereal look to your beach wedding atmosphere.

The browns of the furniture shown here work much like fashion, a stylish neutral that shows off the colors around it, and brings in the natural elements of beachwood, driftwood and the tiki torches just waiting for nightfall to illuminate your wedding scene.

The elegant beach wedding setting here is shown courtesy of Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort, the elite island destination off the coast of Antigua, where celebrities have married and members of the British royal family have vacationed.

White becomes the unifying effect tying in the different shapes and designs of different structures, like the entry tent here, the rectangular station with the draped fabrics, the reception area with the gazebo-style structure, chandeliers and tables.

Hanging lights, including chandeliers and strung fairy lights on the support poles and creating an open-air ‘ceiling’ to the space bring in a coordinating fiery yellow color that matches perfectly the hues of the sun setting over the ocean, the same golden shade glittering on the ocean…

White chair covers add that finishing touch to the white-hued and neutral-accented table settings, and notice the different sizes of tables for the perfect, personalizing seating arrangements.

The white creates a ‘room’ effect in the middle of nature’s splendor, with coordinated lighting carried out to the ocean’s edge.

A ship in a bottle adds a touch of whimsy to your pure elegance scene, perhaps a reflection of your personalities and an homage to the nautical history of your beach setting. That’s not just decor, but a take-home favor working double-duty as well. And the glass of the ship in a bottle adds extra visual punch to the stemware on your table, all of which reflects the flickering candle lights and overhead lights as the sun sets into the evening hours of your wedding celebration.

Still want a pop of color? Look at how those yellow florals stand out with the golden shade of the lighting fixtures, the paler sand shade underfoot, and the fire of the torchlight.

Yes, those are cushions on the floor, a top trend in beach weddings, given more pop to their white and tan shades with sewn-on, shimmering pastilles of gold.

And a curtain of shells helps define your open-air beach wedding ‘room,’ complete with island-perfect ‘up-lighting’ provided by candles in sand-filled glass containers in varying sizes.

There’s so much detail here, created by the Jumby Bay team, yet the ‘less is more’ approach is always your best approach when your setting has so much detail of its own. And white decor of daytime turns golden and sand-colored at night for a magical scene in shades that relax as well as impress. So it’s a color that changes with the setting sun… and then coordinates with the jaw-dropping sight of a perfect, starry sky above.

All images courtesy of Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort

Ms Gingham says: How divine and ethereal does this look. I just love it!

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Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions sent through this stunning pre wedding shoot they did at Bali’s Alila Uluwatu that showed off the landscape and beauty of Bali so well I knew it was set for Polka Dot Honeymoons! The couple held their destination wedding in Bali, having known each other since kindergarten! The pair didn’t start dating until Year eight and have been happily together ever since!

The bride says, “He cooked a dinner for us and proposed on his knees at home. I made him repeat his proposal at least twice because I wanted to hear it again. ”



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Brianna and Christian

Brianna and Christian chose Marostica, a small town in Northern Italy for their wedding. 22 guests from Australia traveled to share in their wedding day but the most special guest was Christian’s nonna, and by bringing the wedding to Christian’s Italian origins, allowed her to attend.

Of their decision to get married in Italy, Brianna explains, “We chose to get married in Italy because we liked the idea of following Christian’s parent’s footsteps. It also made the usual one crazy wedding day last over a few weeks. We loved the history the gave our wedding.”

Brianna tells the story of how Christian proposed. “This is the funny story on how Christian proposed me on his 30th birthday. I had chosen the ring and he had been holding onto it for the past 4 months. He had a circus inspired dress up party with jumping castles, mechanical bulls, dunking machines, clowns, facing painting, fairy floss and every other carnival ride you can think of. A true circus. It was during speeches, he was dressed up like a clown, wig and all, got down on one knee and in front of everyone asked me to marry him! ”

Mauro Pozzer  captured today’s wedding with such a gorgeous, romantic feel while  My Italian Wedding coordinated the celebration.

Brianna wore a gown from Australian designer Johanna Johnson, she remembers “All of her dresses were perfect, it was the only wedding dress shop I went to. I knew I wanted one of her dresses before I was even  engaged. I had to fly up to Sydney from Melbourne (a 2 hour flight) four times before I was able to pick it up. My maid of honour also wore one of her dresses, with a matching hand beaded belt in the same detailing as my dress. I also wore beautiful black pearl and diamond earrings with a matching necklace. They were given to me from my mum for my 21st birthday. The back pearls showed up the darker beading on my dress, it actually worked really well. ”

Even the wedding transport was a personal touch, Brianna explains.  “We used two cars Christian’s cousin had restored, one was an old Alfa Romeo which belonged to Paola’s (Christian’s mum) father who has now passed away. It was used as Mario & Paola’s wedding car when they got married. We also had an old old Fiat Cinquecento (Fiat 500) which was also Christian’s nonno’s car.”

For her walk down the aisle, Brianna recalls, “Christian chose the song I walked down the aisle to; it was an Andrea Bocelli song, ‘Vivo Per Lei’. In English it means ‘I live for her’. ”

Brianna describes the wedding as, “A lux Modern twist on 1920’s 1930’s 1940’s, classic elegance. Fitting for the 1570’s built Villa Sesso Schiavo where we held the reception, which in itself was rich in history, people, culture and traditions. ”

Of their photographer, Brianna says, “We were so happy with how the photos came out, they are amazing and their colours reflect the vintage theme of the wedding. ”

Brianna and Christian were married at Villa Sesso Schiavo . Brianna says “I loved the fact we could find a beautiful ancient villa which set the mood for the whole day, not to mention we were able to get married in a castle!! The backdrop was just breath-taking. I wanted a vintage, intimate, elegant feel with lots of history, something which was so easy to do in Italy. This is the town Christian’s mum, Paola grew up in. It is also the same town Christian’s parents got married in more than 30 years ago (the white church at the top of the stairs, featured in some of the photos was the exact church). Christian’s dad grew up in a town close by. Mario moved to Melbourne in his teenage years and Paola moved after they were married. ”

Of the reception inspiration, Brianna says, “I liked the idea of having a vintage wedding with the traveling theme: we had a sitting table made out an vintage world map, place holders and menu wrapped with organza ribbons and a little wooden airplane, a few suitcases containing old Australian and Italian stamps as well as old postcards from Italy. All the wedding was a traveling experience – we had an area for the aperitif, then another corner was dedicated to the picnic with some nice Balinese umbrellas and blankets to relax under the shade, then the reception under the breathtaking porch of the old Venetian villa. ”

Congratulations Brianna and Christian! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to  Mauro Pozzer and  My Italian Wedding for sharing today’s wedding with us!


This post features the following wedding vendors. If you've been featured below, we'd love to get to know you. Click here to join Polka Dot Wedding.

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