Robin’s Egg+Tan+Maple have launched coolest little colour palette tool called ‘Color Studio’. ‘Color Studio’ lets you spin a wheel to come up with unique colour combinations like magenta and chocolate, green turquoise and wheat, and jade gold and claret.


The tool enables you to switch the colours so that they are grouped around one colour, contain only natural hues, similar hues or contrasting colours. The combination is presented as a plate with napkin and place card so you can really get a feel of the colours. The site offers little tips to help you balance the colours and make them work for you. It’s a fun way to think outside the box!

You can check out ‘Color Studio’ on

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“All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon the sand.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox (1850-1919) American Writer, Poet, Journalist

The beading- from ‘A Dress For Diana’

The wedding dress of Princess Diana is one that most of us will remember as a stand out wedding dress of our time. Princess Diana’s dress was the ultimate fairytale gown which little girls dreamt of as they twirled around their living rooms in their mothers heels and a bed sheet.

‘A Dress For Diana’ is a book written by the dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel. It takes us behind the scenes of the famous dress and into the secret happenings that went on! It’s not purely a royal gossip book, the book contains beautiful shots of the dress and details on the intricate features of beading and silk. From day one to the wedding day with all its planned moments (spare umbrellas shoes and more) everything is detailed. After more than 20 years the book guides us through the long and detailed process which ultimately produced an iconic gown.

The almost finished gown. From ‘A Dress For Diana’

The book ‘A Dress For Diana’ is available in two versions- the limited edition of 1000 contains a piece of the same silk as used in Diana’s dress. For those of us on a milder budget, the standard edition is £15.15 plus postage ($AU 26) from Amazon.