From the exotic to the remote here are some of the highlights of our Honeymoons from 2011!

1. Lolly and Olly: The Honeymoon

Photo via Lolly and Olly: The Honeymoon

After following Lauren and Olly’s story from engagement to wedding, it’s so nice to see them having a fun and relaxing time on their honeymoon.

2. An Adventure Honeymoon in Patagonia

Photography by Kyle Hepp via An Adventure Honeymoon in Patagonia

Kyle shares her talented photography with us via this post from her honeymoon. Just gorgeous!

3. A Hawaiian Honeymoon

Image via A Hawaiian Honeymoon

“It was the bluest and clearest water I’ve ever seen, and really exciting to be inside a real crater! The snorkeling was great too – lots of colorful fish, some sea turtles, and we got lucky and happened upon a pod of spinner dolphins, too!”

4. Honeymoon To The Happiest Place On Earth

Image via Honeymoon To The Happiest Place On Earth

Dan and I had a couple of ideas for our honeymoon – however when we saw an amazingly cheap flight deal for one of our preferred locations it made the decision for us. So off we went to Orlando, USA and headed for Walt Disney World (not to be confused with Disney Land in Florida) in search of fun times, adventure and experiences of a life time!”

5. Inside Kea (Tzia), Greece

Image via Inside Kea (Tzia), Greece

Extenuating circumstances saw us spontaneously travel to Greece this year. While there, we had the opportunity to visit this beautiful little island off the coast of Athens. Dry, barren and seemingly infertile, it gives us the most amazing crystal clear waters and the beautiful Greek climate makes for a gorgeous holiday location.



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As a traveling wedding film and documentary maker, I often find myself with a camera in one hand looking forward to the great unknown. I have just returned from a 3 month journey in South Brazil and Argentina. I had the delight of filming some incredible and very unique weddings there. It is never easy to describe the things that you have experienced or the people that you have met along the way. When you are invited to be a part of a persons wedding, you are given a small window into their lives, past and future. When it comes down to it, no matter where you are, it’s about those connections. Between each other and the places we are.

With my camera always in tow here are only a few places I experienced along the way.

Photography by Danae Monaco of Me & My Camera

Ms Gingham says: Inspiring, visually stunning, colourful, vibrant and just plain delicious!!!

About Danae Monaco: “I like  new places and experiences. I  have lived out of a suitcase for years with only my clothes and my camera gear. Even though I have lived in a lot of different places, I like to think that I still maintain a connection to home.”


During our honeymoon, I couldn’t get my husband out of the ocean… and I was right there beside him, kicking away as a novice snorkeler. When you take the plunge, you never know which kinds of awe-inspiring sea creatures will swim up beside you, swim along with you, or put on a show.

Here’s a clip of our swim with a green sea turtle at Caneel Bay on the island of St. John. We found the best snorkeling to be off of Scott Beach, although others might fight me with their votes for Hawksnest Beach. Even if no turtles, or dolphins or parrotfish swim alongside you, it’s still a lovely keepsake to bring home from your honeymoon and watch again and again. As winter descends upon my hometown, I’m longing for the tropical sun of the Caribbean… and I load up our underwater videos to soothe myself with a little mental trip right back to those warm clear waters.

If you’re headed someplace tropical for your destination wedding or honeymoon, be sure to add to your gift registry an underwater case for your FlipCam or other digital video gadget. If you’ll be swimming in the deep, clear sea, you’ll certainly want to bring home memories of the the gorgeous sealife and underwater beauty you see during your stay.

For stills, I also love the Kodak underwater Sports Camera for snapping photos beneath the sea… it has 800 film speed, and our shots were wonderfully sharp… and are now framed in our home. If you’re worried about asking for a camera or an underwater camera case for a wedding gift, it’s completely okay in etiquette-world… and even though some models can be quite pricy, this is a great option as a group gift given by the bridal party or by circles of friends. You could bring home amazing images and video from your underwater honeymoon adventures that you can watch to instantly transport you back to your honeymoon!

Ms Gingham says: This could be a great meditation video. I just love watching that little turtle do it’s thing! So peaceful.

About Sharon: Sharon Naylor is the author of over 35 wedding books, including her newest: “Bridesmaid on a Budget”, “Smart Guide to Wedding Weekends”, and “1001 Ways to Save Money and Still have a Dazzling Wedding”. Her two books for the mothers of the bride and groom are bestsellers, and she has appeared on such top shows as Good Morning America, ABC News, Lifetime, Inside Edition and more – sharing tips and insider secrets to help you plan your dream wedding on a budget, personalized to your love story. Visit her site Sharon Naylor for more on her books, free worksheets and appearances. She lives in Morristown, NJ with her husband Joe and is at work on her next two wedding books.

See all the photos from Sharon’s honeymoon here.