Articles by Robyn Pattison CMC

Errr no. She’s not. And for very, very good reasons. Let’s start with your guests, all of whom arrived before the ceremony, to be on time for you. They are waiting for you … 50, 100, 150 or more people, eagerly awaiting the party to start. At first, they are excited. They mill around and […]

I simply love every wedding I do. I love the sheer joy of giving every couple the best possible beginning to their married life. I love calming a nervous groom, getting that teary feeling when my beautiful brides arrive, and knowing that no matter what happens over the next half hour, I will make them […]

No, no, no… a marriage ceremony is NOT just the bit you “get through” before you go off to party. It’s not supposed to be like everyone else’s. It’s not supposed to be generic. Or dull. Or monotone. Or meaningless.And here’s why…Your marriage ceremony is THE reason for all the celebrations. Written and performed well, […]