Articles by Jane (emerald + ella)


Um can I just say, how pretty are these??? These sweet marble vases (or you could do jugs, mugs and other vessels) are easy to make and don’t even require a trip to the hardware or craft store! Just grab some simple white vessels, cheapie nail polish and few other things from around the house […]


I think this might be my most simple, yet cute, craft post to date! Button thumb tacks! Why didn’t I think of it before?!And as always, imagine the colour possibilities! Natural wood buttons, shiny gold buttons, a mix of eclectic vintage buttons…… So grab your glue gun and put your bridesmaids to work!It’s so easy […]


This rustic fabric garland is super-easy to make and looks very pretty hanging on the wall, in trees or on fences. It would be perfect for a boho outdoorsy wedding.I also had a thought while I was making it, that it might be very cute as a skirt for a flower girl! Just saying……You will […]