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Of the many, many choices brides have to make while planning their wedding, one of the most visible is ‘what are you going to wear on your head’? As with everything else, there are squillions of options, so I thought I’d (hopefully) help some of you ladies out by giving you a visual guide to […]

Flowers. They are possibly the last thing on your mind when planning a wedding. However after the delight/stress/small loans required to organise the rest of the wedding, flowers can really make your day kinda special. I mean, when else do you get to play with them (unless you’re a florist I guess or you have […]

So, you’re getting married and afterwards looking to either a) chill out and relax somewhere marvellous; b) have an adventure-filled, fun-packed rip-roaring holiday; c) hit some killer wine and food trails somewhere cool and cosy with a warm fireplace OR d) a mix of all of the above. Look no further people, Queenstown New Zealand […]