Articles by Caz Pringle

Image by Lara HotzFor many guys, it can be a daunting task finding a style that reflects their personality on their wedding day. Sometimes a traditional dinner suit just won’t cut the mustard. What if Mr. Right feels most at home in dusty boots on the side of a mountain? Or up on stage in […]

Image by Soul Photography via Our Love StoryFrom procuring the services of a skywriter to professing one’s love on live radio, engagement stories are often as interesting as they are varied. Some suitors opt for deserted, tropical beaches, others are drawn to the bright city lights of Paris. Many prefer to keep the whole thing close to home […]

Image by The Tsudons via Emma & Monty’s Botanical Brisbane Marquee WeddingThere is something wonderful about planning your own wedding and seeing it come to life from a Pinterest board to the big day. However, not surprisingly, there are also a great deal of things to consider: the style and scope of your wedding, the costs – in […]