Sidney & Chris

Love stories are our actual favourites and I cannot help but be thrilled that I get to share such beauty with you each and every day. Today that takes the form of the story of Sidney & Chris. The lovers inviting Angus McKern Photography along for a stroll at sunset on Orange’s Mount Canobolas. The photography, is, as you’d expect practically breathtaking, but it’s the love story that we’re all here for, so let’s start it off with the tale of how these two first had their paths cross.

Sidney sharing “Chris used to tell people we met in a pub but we actually met online!” The pair planning their October 2020 wedding, have postponed their big day (thanks COVID-19!) to November 2021.

As for what the pair love about one another, Sidney says it is simple. “We share the same values and are each other’s best friend.
We have taught each other so much and are the people we are because of each other!”

Of the relaxed style of this occasion the bride to be told “We are pretty casual people and love being in the country. We wanted the photos to feel authentic and suit our vibe as a couple. A formal shoot just wouldn’t have felt right!”