Tara & Duncan

Sunrise is easily my favourite part of the day. The dawn breaking brings with ti plenty of promise, plenty of fresh start moods, of anticipation, of hope. So what better time of day could there be to capture a couple about to take the marriage plunge?

Tara and Duncan joined photographer Jennifer Burch before dawn one morning at Spoon Bay. The beauty of this special spot, very much treasured by bride to be Tara, who told us I grew up on the Central Coast and Spoon Bay has always been one of my favourite spots. We both love the ocean, and a great sunrise so it was the obvious choice for us. We loved the relaxed, natural setting of the shoot.” Today? What the dawn break, as we the story fo who Duncan & Tara came to be.

Sunrise memories for these two? not always as planned! Tara filling us in on one of the couple’s more humorous memories “Once we were camping at Southwest Rocks on the NSW coast with a beautiful water view. We wanted to wake to the sunrise so we purposely left the tent flap open in anticipation. However, during the night we woke to see a dark shadow lurking at the end of the bed. We both woke up in shock to discover a large kangaroo was looking for a midnight snack in our food box before he jumped away in fright into the night. We then decided we better close the tent properly.”

On Duncan, Tara shares ” I love how kind Duncan is, he has a great heart and can always make me laugh.”

Beautiful beaches seem to be a theme for these two, who became engaged on a Byron Bay beach, the bride remembering “We got engaged in Byron Bay, at Little Wategos Beach. Duncan had the whole thing organised, we rode our bikes to the spot where he surprised me with champagne and a picnic he had secretly packed. It was our anniversary and he gave me a photo album he had made up of photos from all our travels together, the last page of the album was a photo of a ring box, and then he was down on one knee. It was romantic and intimate and my perfect proposal.”


On what he loves about tara, Duncan tells “I love how caring and thoughtful Tara is and how her sense of humour can bring smiles to faces of the people around her.”