Phoebe Of Little Grey Box Wedding

With amazing images and inspiring stories about travel and adventure, the awarded blog, Little Grey Box, is the go-to site for honest, helpful and relatable travel stories – what a wonderful, fun life discovering the world! In our own Polka Dot Bride way, we too have been on a couple of trips too with Phoebe – from sharing her blissful Byron Bay engagement photos to featuring her bright, Spring Brisbane wedding, it was lovely to be able to sit down with Phoebe again and have a Glass of Bubbles with her whilst she reminisced about her romantic big day!

Tell us about you and your business/blog?

Just over a year ago I quit my office job to take a chance on my dreams. I now work full-time as a travel writer. My husband, Matt, and I run Little Grey Box together and I freelance for a few other publications too. Little Grey Box provides really useful travel information and fun videos for regular people, it’s also a great source of travel inspiration and a good laugh if you enjoy reading my awkward stories. Life should be fun and full of love and that’s what we’re all about.

Phoebe with poppy wedding bouquet

Bridesmaids in navy with poppies

Tell us about your Wedding?

Matt and I are both introverts and pretty awkward people so it was important to us our wedding was relaxed and laid back; we wanted people to have fun and not just focus on us all day. I guess we saw it more as us hosting a party for our nearest and dearest and we just happen to be looking pretty great and getting married at the same time! We had about 50 guests which was mostly family and a few of our closest friends. Everyone spent the entire day laughing and smiling. I can’t remember a more fun day, even when we look back at the photos now we end up with sore cheeks from laughing at all the funny things that happened.

Phoebe of Little grey Box
What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)?

Two of our groomsmen are particularly funny and decided to have a dance contest! One ripped his pants at the back, all the way from knee to butt, and the other dislocated his shoulder. There are several photos from later in the night where you can see them both lurking in the background, one holding his pants and the other holding his shoulder.

Little grey box dance off

The other memorable moment for me was Matt’s speech. Being an introvert it was really hard for him to get up in front of a room full of people and speak. I was so proud of him for doing it and the speech he wrote was amazing; he really nailed it and it meant the world to me.

If you could change one thing, what would it be?

I would have had a photo booth. We tried to DIY ours and it was a massive failure. Photo booths are so much fun and I really would’ve loved to have those additional candid shots of people being goofy (us included).

Bride with bridesmaids in navy

Who are your favourite vendors?

Alannah Pritchard of Alannah Pritchard Make-up and Nails was exceptional; she listened to all of the girls and me carefully and made sure our make-up reflected our personalities. I cannot recommend her enough, she is a real talent and absolutely the most lovely person you could ever hope to meet.

Our venue, Spring Food and Wine in Brisbane, was also wonderful; they took care of everything and made the entire day easy and seamless. A few hiccups happened during the night and I didn’t even know about them until a few days later! Not only that but the service was top notch and the food there is incredibly delicious.

Phoebe matt little grey box wedding

Who was your photographer?

Kate Parker of Quince & Mulberry Studios was also a favourite vendor of ours. Kate has a way of getting the best out of people naturally, she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed (even if you’re awkward!) We were running seriously late and somehow Kate got all the photos we wanted and made sure we arrived at the venue on time; she’s incredibly professional, lovely and captures those organic moments of love and joy. If you need a photographer, Kate is your girl!

Little Grey Box

What advice do you have for others planning their wedding?

Keep it simple and make sure your day reflects who you are. I would also recommend only discussing your wedding plans with a few trusted friends; when it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion and it can be a bit overwhelming when everyone you meet shares their two cents worth with you!

Little Grey Box Wedding

Thankyou Phoebe for sharing your memories about your romantic marriage to Matt; what a fun day full of love and joy. To be inspired by Phoebe’s other love of travel, don’t miss an update from  Little Grey Box – you’ll be planning your next adventure before you know it!